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Breed Information

The Miniature Pinscher is an old and distinguished breed. Min Pins are most definitely not "Miniature Dobermans" and in fact are not related to Dobermans at all though their short coat and overall proud an noble character do lend the two breeds a similarity. Below are some links to help you get started learning about the Min Pin.

Miniature Pinscher Club of America is the place to start for all things Min Pin

AKC Breed Standard lists the desired characteristics of the breed.

MPCA Judge's Education including an illustrated standard, gait discussion and more!

History is a look at the roots of the Min Pin

Celebrators of Life, a great article on Min Pin personality

Coat Color Inheritance an explanation of the types of color and mode of inheritence in Min Pins

Genetic Health , what to test for in Min Pins

Min Pin Myths No, they're not small Dobermans

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